Saturday, 26 September 2009

Part 3 - Paul Hegaty on 16th September

Paul & Vicky from Cork & Dot Dot music  came by the studio on their way to the No Fun festival in Stockholm.  Paul is author of the book Noise/Music A History.  He explores themes from the book in his selection.


Masonna, 'hot licks from a cunning linguist'
Kazumoto Endo, ''Most of my problems are solved by an afternoon snooze'
The New Blockcaders /Organum, 'Der Graben'
Organum, 'Crusade' (sides 1 and 2)
Nurse With Wound, 'Steel Dream of the Metal Men'
Current 93, 'How He Loved the Moon' (a side of single)
Otomo Yoshihide, 'If 6 was 0'
The Gerogerigegege, ''Senzuri Fight Back'
SPK, 'Slogun'
Merzbow, 'efface'
My Bloody Valentine - 'You Made Me Realise' (bootleg , Town & Country Club 1991)
Ruins, 'Acid Blue'

MP3 file here


  1. Hey there, it seems that the MP3 file that's linked to is actually Show #4, not Show #3. Thanks.

  2. Whz have you taken off the mp3? Jean