Thursday, 10 September 2009

Part 2 - Playlist & Archive by Gaya Donadio

Playlist for part 2 , 9/9/09  with Gaya Donadio from  Hinoeuma

Costes With Toshi Hiraoka - No Sex Boy - Born With A Cock [Hard Disc 003]

Monte Cazazza - The Worst Of Monte Cazazza - Tiny Tears [Monte 1 cd/The Grey Area of Mute Record]

Musica Futuristica – The Art of Noises cd [ Salon LTMcd 2401]

Maurizio Bianchi - [Aktivitat] Part  Four LP [Zabriskie Point]

The Haters- Cultivating Calamity - Drop Ascending Two cd [Vinyl Communication 125]

Con-Dom – All in Good Faith – Jesus Penis cd [Functional 009]

Grey Wolves – Division  – Not your Country cd [None]

Grunt – Europe After Storm  – Project Eden cd [Force Majeure 003]

Genocide Organ - Leichenlinie - 1... 2... Tot Lp [Tesco Organisation, De Fabriek]

Bizarre Uproar – Purification – untitled cd [Filth And Violence]

Shift – Bulk – Track 3 cd [Silken Tofu - Unrest Productions]

SANdBLASTING  - El Paso Sound-Wall – Materia Prima cd [Sonic Belligeranza]

Sutcliffe Jugend - When Pornography is no Longer Enough - With Knife cd [Death Factory]

The New Blockaders – Live at ANTI-FEST cd [Harbinger Sound]

Death Squad - Isolation as Intent – Fuck God Live cd [Spastik Kommunikations]

ANTIchildLEAGUE – Big Fat arse 7’ [Hag]

Gerogerigegege - Instruments Disorder (170 Songs CD) [Mediacapsule]

MP3 archive here


  1. hi there for anyone who spots it..there is a tic toc wrong in a track name ourgh! just realized.. but all the basic is correct. enjoy and looking forward to next wednsday. gaya

  2. Hop! One hour of noise equals one hour less of greasy hot breathing on a reversable mirror. Will be tuning in. Greetings from the West Indies.

  3. great show,thank you, waiting for the next one