Saturday, 26 September 2009

Part 4 - Ed Pinsent on 23rd September 2009

Ed Pinsent from ResonanceFM & Sound Projector magazine selects this week in conversatin with Clive Graham.

MP3 and playlist can be found on Ed's own site HERE

1. Emil Beaulieu, ‘Harbinger – Full On Noise’
From America’s Greatest Noise, UK HARBINGER SOUND HARBINGER 025 2 x LP (2005)
2. Core of the Coalman, ‘Delawanna Autochords Ingested Death Knell From Without’
From Anxiety, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT019 CD (2007)
3. Hans GrĂ¼sel’s Krankenkabinet, ‘Master Hands (Scene 9)’
4. Hair Police, ‘My Skull is My Face’
From Constantly Terrified, USA TROUBLEMAN UNLIMITED TMU148 CD (2005)
5. Lasse Marhaug, ‘Bergen Anal Dynamite’
From Alive (Live Recordings 1998-2006), NORWAY SMALL TOWN SUPERJAZZ STSJ131 CD (2007)
6. Kevin Drumm, ‘Hitting the Pavement’ (fade)
From Sheer Hellish Miasma, AUSTRIA MEGO 053 CD (2002)
7. Vomir, (Track 2)
8. NMM, ‘Work = Decapitated Life’
From No More Music At The Service Of Capital, SWEDEN iDEAL RECORDINGS iDEAL041 / GREECE ABSURD #63 / ITALY 8MM RECORDS 8MM 012 CD [2006]
9. Putrefier, ‘Spikes and Square Roots’
From Hypertension Classics Vol #2, UK HARBINGER SOUND HARBINGER 030 4 x CD (2005)

Part 3 - Paul Hegaty on 16th September

Paul & Vicky from Cork & Dot Dot music  came by the studio on their way to the No Fun festival in Stockholm.  Paul is author of the book Noise/Music A History.  He explores themes from the book in his selection.


Masonna, 'hot licks from a cunning linguist'
Kazumoto Endo, ''Most of my problems are solved by an afternoon snooze'
The New Blockcaders /Organum, 'Der Graben'
Organum, 'Crusade' (sides 1 and 2)
Nurse With Wound, 'Steel Dream of the Metal Men'
Current 93, 'How He Loved the Moon' (a side of single)
Otomo Yoshihide, 'If 6 was 0'
The Gerogerigegege, ''Senzuri Fight Back'
SPK, 'Slogun'
Merzbow, 'efface'
My Bloody Valentine - 'You Made Me Realise' (bootleg , Town & Country Club 1991)
Ruins, 'Acid Blue'

MP3 file here

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Part 2 - Playlist & Archive by Gaya Donadio

Playlist for part 2 , 9/9/09  with Gaya Donadio from  Hinoeuma

Costes With Toshi Hiraoka - No Sex Boy - Born With A Cock [Hard Disc 003]

Monte Cazazza - The Worst Of Monte Cazazza - Tiny Tears [Monte 1 cd/The Grey Area of Mute Record]

Musica Futuristica – The Art of Noises cd [ Salon LTMcd 2401]

Maurizio Bianchi - [Aktivitat] Part  Four LP [Zabriskie Point]

The Haters- Cultivating Calamity - Drop Ascending Two cd [Vinyl Communication 125]

Con-Dom – All in Good Faith – Jesus Penis cd [Functional 009]

Grey Wolves – Division  – Not your Country cd [None]

Grunt – Europe After Storm  – Project Eden cd [Force Majeure 003]

Genocide Organ - Leichenlinie - 1... 2... Tot Lp [Tesco Organisation, De Fabriek]

Bizarre Uproar – Purification – untitled cd [Filth And Violence]

Shift – Bulk – Track 3 cd [Silken Tofu - Unrest Productions]

SANdBLASTING  - El Paso Sound-Wall – Materia Prima cd [Sonic Belligeranza]

Sutcliffe Jugend - When Pornography is no Longer Enough - With Knife cd [Death Factory]

The New Blockaders – Live at ANTI-FEST cd [Harbinger Sound]

Death Squad - Isolation as Intent – Fuck God Live cd [Spastik Kommunikations]

ANTIchildLEAGUE – Big Fat arse 7’ [Hag]

Gerogerigegege - Instruments Disorder (170 Songs CD) [Mediacapsule]

MP3 archive here

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Part 1 - 2nd September - Tom Wallace Playlist & Archive

Part 1 by Tom Wallace

This was a kind of pre-history exploring the American experimentalists and finishing at 1976 with Throbbing Gristle.

Wolfman 1964 by Robert Ashley  (Alga Marghen)
Fontana Mix-Feed  1968 by  Max Neuhaus - (Alga Marghen, 2003)
Untitled 1 - Lost Aaraaff (PSF 018CD)
Side1 excerpt - Metal Machine Music- Lou Reed (RCA 1975)
Maggot Death - Live at Rat Club 1976 from '2nd Annual Report' Album - (Industrial Records 1977)

Part 1 Audio Archive  59 mins