Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Part 7 - October 14th 2009 with Mikko Aspa , Finland

This week with Mikko Aspa from Freak Animal Recordings Finland.


Yellow Cab “2-120792” (v/a come again II)
Love & Sincerity “holy screaming” (v/a come again II)
Gerogerigegege ”story of thalaba” (senzuri power-up cd)
Sutcliffe Jugend ”new sadism” s/t cd
Controlled Bleeding “Plegm Bag Splattered” excerpt from cd
Merzbow “wing over” excerpt (artificial invagination mcd)
Emil Beaulieau “dedicated to masami akita” excerpt from cd
Haters “fireback” excerpt (ordinarily nowhere)
Vivenza “servomecanismes” (fondements bruitistes 7”)
Entre Vifs “auto-equarissage” (scent of strength cd)
Militia “stahldakadanz” and “lebensborn” (New European Order 3xLP)
Genocide Organ “elders of zion” (Mind Control LP)
John Duncan “riot” (riot cd) excerpt

Listen HERE mp3 58mins

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  1. I was enjoying this on my iPod this morning, sitting upstairs on the no 1 bus as it crept round the Bricklayer's Arms roundabout and inched along New Kent Road...